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Have you met ” The Drainer”?


Yes “The Drainer”!! Sure you must have met him/her at some point of your life or may be on a daily basis!
Okay, Please don’t think that this out-of-nowhere girl is all mad-mad!! Nope! I am one among you all who unfortunately keeps on meeting these drainers no matter how hard I avoid! This world is full of them…! Okay enough of this guessing game!
Let me introduce you to the so called today’s celebrated guest of my post – “The Drainer”!!
Look around… He might be your neighbour, your some from far island uncle and so on… He might be anyone around you who on meeting you, leaves you feeling drained, yes those monsters with scrutinizing monster eyes scanning you from head to toe, the one who can never be happy or praising for anything and everything you can ever do!!! The ones who’d lampoon you for every portion of yours!
So, How do you deal with such devils? Should we let them dampen our faith in ourselves? Well that’s where we all (mostly) let these squibs widen there bad coloured, wide and weird so called teeth in a victorious grin, under the ever so gleaming bald head !! Or whatever the way yours looks like! Mine, I just described!
I too was left drained, faithless and brutal-on-myself after my drainer-encounter! I just couldn’t think straight, even after been persuaded by my BF (Best-est Friend) for several hours over the phone! ( And I heart fully Thank him for always been there for me!)
But after being done with brutally scolding-me-inside-my-head, shedding some tears and everything else for another couple of hours, I realized that I am being the biggest enemy of myself!! Even bigger than that bald headed monster!! How can I do that to myself!!? Neither should you do this to yourself! Not now, not ever! NEVER!
So what should we do? We cannot let such people harm our self-esteem to any measure! So somethings that you can try as I did (and for some, I again heart fully thank to my BF):

1. Importanize things! I know thats not even a word!! But its our life! So rules are ours only! So yes! Ask yourself how much importance does that person holds for you! How much of importance his criticism is for you and your life! If the person is important, then the criticism can be important too! Important people in our life holds importance because either they are our family or the ones we look up to! And any one of these two would never want to led us down, infact they might be trying to help us! However as in many cases, the person in question would be of no such importance to you or your life! They might be just some uncles or aunts or so called ever-so-bragging-of-his-son/daughter kind of a neighbour, just as in my case! So they are not as important as YOU are to yourself! They don’t have any right be the judges of your abilities and capabilities. So rewind back to the start and #importanize#importanize#importanize!

2. Recognize that criticism can be good as well! Appreciation can make all of us happy! But these put-downs also makes us pause and think, re-evaluate our actions whether whatever we are doing is in the right path to wherever we want to be.

3. Take such criticism as a power packs of motivation. Let them give you that extra push towards your goal. Remind yourself to do even more better and show that monster how wrong he was!!

4. Remind yourself of all the splendid things, either small or big, that you are proud of yourself to have done. Once you tell yourself that you are too good to take such criticism seriously, you definitely will SMILE :)…

So remember- “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt.
Don’t you let yourself down with anything! Keep that faith alive in yourself! Be full of hope! And never forget to SMILE!

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