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A Letter to My Friend

I know you are smiling on reading the title itself. That’s what I’ve always wanted and will always want. To see you smile. I love your smile, you know it. It has always been my source of happiness and strength through tough times. Now you would say, ” you too have been my strength all of the time.” I know, you are such a darling.

We both are each others support system and will always remain that throughout our lives .That’s the kind of believe I have on our friendship. We both have.

You know that you are the one person I can truly open up to. But, I often feel that I don’t tell you how much I love you, how much I care about you and how much I have learned from you.

You really are, a great person. Not just in words but in real. A great friend, who will go and walk that every possible extra mile to just get me going. A friend who will never hesitate to make any effort to make me feel right even in the wrongest time.
You say that I am the strongest person you know. I’ll tell the secret behind it my dear friend, it’s YOU. You are truly my source of strength, my courage. I have seen you grow as a person through everything life has brought your way and that makes me love you even more.

You tell me that you’ve learned a lot from me. That always makes me wonder, because it’s you who have always taught me so many wonderful things. To be strong, to be smiling, to be tough, to be unconditionally loving, to be patient, to be calm. You always leave me astonished about how you really manage to be calm and patient even in the toughest time. You think that you need to improve a hell lot. No! You are just perfect the way you are. Your flaws are a part of who you are and I wouldn’t want to change any of it for anything in this world. Yes! By that I also mean not wanting you to stop cracking your pathetic jokes at times! I even love them!  I admire how you don’t even mind laughing out loud at your own self! It’s so innocent and yet so crazy!

I love the fact that you adore the person in me, everything in me, so much. It gives me so much strength, but it hurts me equally when you measure yourself  low on scale sometimes. I have always told you that I have so much faith in you. So much faith in your potential. I just know that you will one day surely make all of your dreams come true.

Times can be tough sometimes, very tough. And I know that you are tougher than that. I’ve always seen the tougher you in the toughest times. I love that  ‘never say never’ warrior in you. He inspires me to smile and step ahead every time I face hard time. You inspire me.

Just be the way you are and keep walking. I know that day is not so far when you will reach your destination. Just trust me! Just trust my guts as you always do.

One more thing that I sometimes keep to myself.

I miss the time when you were here. I really do.
Every time I felt bad, I used to call you- you were here. Every time I felt annoyed, I used to call you- you were here. Every time I felt sad, you were here. Here with me, by my side sometimes giving me the courage to face my fears, sometimes your shoulder to cry upon, sometimes an open ear to hear my heart talking. It was such a beautiful time.
Now that we are miles miles apart and I still call you whenever I need you,  and you still always, are with me. May be not physically but emotionally. Always.

As much as I know that you are always with me, it sometimes breaks me. I miss you. I miss you a lot. I miss your smiling face, always succeeding in making me smile. Your kind look, always comforting me. Your crazy jokes, always making me laugh out loud. Your lovely surprises, always “awwww-ing” me. Your no-ways-leaving-any-chance-of-teasing me.

I miss all and many more.
But the funny thing is that this miles distance apart thing even couldn’t help me with all of your teasings! You still tease me, and I still love every moment of it. You still tell me crazy things and I still laugh out like crazy. You still manage to “awwww” me with your sweet surprises.

You have been a blessing for me. And I thank God for letting me have a friend like you.

Even though it was me who came by first to say Hi. But it was you who came by my side when I was in much need for a friend, and since then you’ve continued to stand by me against all odds. Always ready to be there when I need you. Always knowing how I am actually feeling, even at the slightest hint. And then making every possible effort to lighten me up. Always supporting me with all of my endeavors. I feel so good when I get appreciation from you. And you always, without fail praise me in everything! And Yes! I always wonder why, but you somehow manage to find something good, even out of my mistakes! How you really do that!? You know I always say that you are spoiling me. And you really are! But alright, I even love that! 😛

How you so much love every single post on my blog. Don’t you understand I want to( and I really have to) improve so much! And you still think I am great! But thank you so much for all your support, really. Its always so good to hear your lovely thoughts about my work.  You are always showing me how much potential I have. Even in the times when I give up all hope in myself.

Things become so spotless when you help me clean  my view, my mind. You so lovingly help me in clearing all the clouds off my mind and make the sky clearer and stars to shine.

There’s so many things I want to say to you and have been trying to, throughout this letter. But it’s just so much that it’s hard to put it all here. So hard! You can actually see me fighting throughout the letter! Does it even make any sense? I just sat down and have been writing since then. So many things are flowing through my mind, so many emotions all at once! I am actually experiencing a mental-paralysis! Yes! I know, I even forgot the word “paralysis” and again, yes this was the reason I text-ed you asking the random out-of-nowhere question inquiring about the word. Now you got it!? And Can you imagine I even lost all my sanity to the level that I forgot that I could just google it!!!  Alright! Alright!! You can laugh! But I guess it is likely to happen. Not because I’ve gone all mad! But because the countdown has begun my dear!

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a beautiful and the most successful year ahead. May God keep you blessed and bring about all the most beautiful blessings your way all your life!

God has blessed me in the sweetest and the most beautiful way and I always thank him for it. The blessing of knowing you, the blessing of having a friend like you.

May God be with us, keep showering his love and blessings on us and keep us together, always.

Happy Birthday! 🙂

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