A Step Ahead

So What do you do, when you feel powerless?

You cry, you tremble, feel helpless. You curse yourself. You find it hard to believe that once again, people didn’t listened to what you had to say, they couldn’t understand what you felt to be that way.
Take your time. But don’t let it settle on you forever.
Don’t either push it away.
Just be there, for once. For once plunge deep into that feeling, let it flow through you once.
Once and for All!
You might reach a point feeling every cell in your body, every nerve in your brain pumping out a rage. A rage telling you to go to the limit of changing every single drop of your being. An urge to get transformed into someone who just doesn’t feel anything. Someone who’s resistant to all the feelings of love, care, affection, anger, depression. An urge to become someone who can be mistaken for a machine. Into a body dried out of blood, no matter how many times they cut you, not even a single drop of blood would flow.
They say I don’t care, okay, I wouldn’t care. They think I don’t love, okay, I wouldn’t love.
Just stop right there.
Take a deep breath and THINK.
Is it really worth changing the way you feel, the way you really are? Is ANYTHING really worth taking such a step?
NO! It isn’t!
Don’t ever let anything bad that happened to you, change anything good about you.
You took a deep plunge, you’d let that feeling flow through you ONCE AND FOR ALL. Now you are past it now. Remember, don’t let it settle on you ever!
Get up and move on.
Let that bad phase bring out a stronger you. And a stronger you is a better you.
Get on and move on. Smile and forgive others, but first of all, forgive yourself.
Because, Forgiving is the biggest POWER of all.
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