Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Thankful to: tagxedo.com for the image

Okay! Okay! I know we are nowhere near thanksgiving yet. But c’mon just think for a while, why can’t we celebrate this great day all round the year! Though I’m not a Christian by religion but neither am I restricted to one. I respect every religion and will definitely be celebrating all with my kids in the coming future once I reach that stage of my life. Oh! By the way, I am 23 right now, and yeah I know I’m such a day dreamer :-P.

So, basically all that I know about thanksgiving is that this day is been celebrated every year as a day to be thankful of the blessings that has been bestowed upon us by the Almighty in every way. I hope that is primarily correct and I might still be unknown to some details which I am sure to be filled in by you all. I’d be very happy to add it all to my knowledge:-). And that’s one things to be thankful to internet and the blogging platform for making it easy for us to share our thoughts, experiences and knowledge with one another.
And I would also like to be thankful to God and that boy who today, made me realize that how much blessed I am. That instead of counting the things that I don’t have, I haven’t accomplished (despite of the fact that I am working hard my way through to it). I am forgetting what I have, what all I have accomplished, what I’m blessed with, even without asking for.
Today being a beautiful weather after 3 days of non stop rains and occasional storms, I was sitting in the small yet beautiful sort-of-a garden of ours. Thoughts of several failures, unmet goals, incomplete dreams were crawled up in my mind. Feeling low I was gazing onto the empty road into nothing, when a bike roared through, distracting my “nothingness”. I naturally looked up disgusted, resuming to my surroundings. My eyes stayed with the bike till it reached to the side of the road where a boy of somewhat same age as of the boy riding the bike, was standing. But he was not as same as the bike boy. Even in this weather when I’m wearing layers, he was just in a single dusty t-shirt and a shabby dirty pair of pants. His eyes didn’t left the bike until it was gone. He still stood there gazing into that direction for a while, but then started walking to the other side of the road. On reaching there he shook his head as if to wake himself up from some dream and walked on.
I still couldn’t forget the hint of despair in him as he walked on with his head and eyes lowered to the ground. At that moment ,my mind had been emptied up from all of my own disappointments. I forgot my problems, my life’s shortcomings. I have all that a person would ask out of his/her life! Why am I still in despair about things which I still, am very much capable and able to do! I can think of, plan of and still work on all the desired luxuries, all the achievements, all the extra cherry toppings over my already sweet and delicious cupcake life that I want to have!! But there are millions of people in this world who aren’t even sure about their next day’s meal!!
Shouldn’t I be thankful to God for blessing me with a beautiful life! A life full of love and support from my loving parents, two great brothers and so many beautiful friends!
Even if I am unable to get into great college or couldn’t have a better job or anything, I still am sure enough that I will be sleeping comfortably with full stomach under the safety of my sweet home’s roof! How ignorant we become of everything we have in the never so ending marathon of getting bigger and better lives.
Dreams are a part of every person’s life, even that boy who for a moment imagined himself riding such a bike, owning such a bike. No one should ever stop dreaming, not even that boy. But does it mean that we should forget all that we already posses! No! Definitely not!
But we still do! We all forget that God has blessed us with a life where we can live happily in the present and can still make our dreams come true with all that we’ve got at this moment. Lets not waste anymore of these moments full of blessings in crying over what we don’t have. Let’s be happy and thankful to everything we have in our lives. And for a moment, lets just pray to God to bless that boy and many millions other to have a life full of blessings, to own such luxuries, but most importantly to sleep happily with full stomach and a calm assurance of tomorrow’s meal for themselves and their families, sleeping happily within the warm arms of the walls and under the safe roof of their sweet homes 🙂

So shed off all the disappointments, all the complaints against God, for whatever we couldn’t have. And celebrate each day as a day to be thankful of all the beautiful blessings that we tend to forget and take for granted.
Be happy, blessed and thankful. And SMILE 🙂

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